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Terms & Conditions

Prices are based on passengers being ready to travel at the booking time. All fares quoted are for point to point and any diversions, stop over will be charged EXTRA with the fare quoted. Cash and credit card payments are accepted. No other Hidden Charges. Our cars are insured for hire and reward for maximum of 4 passengers. Our MPVs (People Carrier) are insured for maximum of 6 Passengers. We reserve the right to refuse any passenger our services, due to passengers having excess luggage which would result in the vehicle being unsafe on the road. Cancellations must be made prior to pick up time within two hours within North Somerset postcodes and outer areas will require 4 hours cancellation notification. All prices quoted are per car. We monitor all flights for any delays and there will be no extra cost to the passenger If the passenger misses the flight coming into one of the UK Airports, the passenger has to call us immediately and there will be no extra cost involved. A reservation may only be altered or cancelled with the permission of the company. It has to be done in writing (preferably email) or by phone. Cancellations not informed up to 2 hours prior to time of booking will incur 100% of the booking price. If we pickup from UK address the driver will wait up and till 20 minutes after the time the booking was made for. If we are unable to make contact with passenger (ringing the doorbell and calling the contact phone number) we will pull the driver away and the passenger will be responsible for the full cost. At the airport the driver will go in 20 minutes after international/intercontinental flights and 30 minutes after European flights (unless the passenger has specified otherwise). He will wait at the per-arranged pickup point in the arrivals terminal with passengers name on a card. The passenger has 40 minutes waiting time for free thereafter. If the passenger fails to show 30 minutes thereafter we will pull the driver away and the passenger will be liable for the full price. If the passenger has been waiting at the pre-arranged pickup point and fails to make contact with the driver, the passenger should call the company so as to arrange how to meet with the driver. Passengers should not just leave the airport without letting the company know as this will be regarded as a ‘No Show’. The company reserves the right to make use of sub contractors to provide the service to the passengers. These sub contractors will be able to provide a high quality of service and will be licensed and comply with the regulations of the North Somerset private hire licensing office.